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Intelligent Lighting

Our intelligent lighting provides a number of different designs, color’s, strobes and gobos. Intelligent lights are computer operated with the ability to provide the dance floor with excellent effects in any atmosphere, as well as the option for a spot light effect for the “First Dance”.

X7 Picture






Custom Name Gobo

 A personalized monogram of your name made to spot onto to a dance floor, ceiling or wall.



 Ambient Uplighting

Ambient up lighting gives a room an atmospheric effect  in a variety of colors  drawing more attention to the dance floor and detail to your venue .

Up Lighting_8_8


Lounge Decor – Pipe & Drape

Lounge Decor/ Pipe & Draping gives a classy lounge atmosphere to your event. These packages consists of pipe & draping, white L.E.D. glow tables, white/black couches and pillows to match your theme. Below you will find different packages offered.

Large lounge Section

 Screen Displays

Along with our  LED Screens we provide the option of  having a photo montage displayed after your main course, as well as zap shots taken throughout the event and placed on the the screens as a slide show.

Plasma Screens 2


Live Musician / Percussionist

 X7 Entertainment also offers a variety of  live musicians.

Our talented musicians offer their ability to play or sing:


















Have your choice of an enclosed photo booth or open air.

LED colors are customized upon request 

LED Dance Stages

Slider LED Stages







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