When it comes to finding the perfect entertainment company to host a special event, X7Entertainment is who you’re looking for. In addition to hosting a wide variety of events, our years of experience in the industry, along with our mixture of a boutique and professional style of business, allows us to establish a growing relationship with our clients in order to satisfy customer needs. We understand that having the responsibility to organize such a special occasion can sometimes be overwhelming & exciting at the same time. X7 Entertainment is here to help.
In addition to our boutique style, our experienced and talented entertainment crew will provide an energetic and lively atmosphere that will have you and your guests entertained and reminiscing the night for years to come.
So be sure to check out our website to get a look at what X7Entertainment is all about.

The X7 Team

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Alessandro Guarnera

Founder /DJ/ Director



Antonello Flecca

Business Director

Armando Riccobono


Roby Guarnera







Giuseppe Riccobono